Dental Marketing Expert

“No matter how hard you work,
your financial success will be
limited by how well you attract
and retain patients.”

Sharky Liu – Founder and CEO of DentistFind


Meet The Dental Marketing Expert

Sharky Liu is the founder and CEO of DentistFind, a results-driven dental marketing platform and service that uses an analytical and data-based approach to increase new patient acquisition for dental practices. His dental marketing company has managed over 100 dental practices and has successfully increased the number of new patient bookings from 40% to 500%.

In the past, Sharky also founded a luxury fashion brand that was sold in 50 ultra-high-end retailers like Holt Renfrew across Canada, USA, and UK. During this time, he gained valuable marketing expertise from landing multiple celebrity endorsements such as Chris Bosh and The Guess Who. His brand was featured in top fashion publications like Cosmopolitan and LouLou. Sharky also had product placements on national television and movies including CTV, Slice, and CP24.

In 2016 he organized and established the sold-out Dental Marketing Conference, an annual conference featuring the leaders in the dental marketing sector.