Calling all Dentists, Office Managers, and Marketing Managers!
If your answer is yes to any of these scenarios, then this course is definitely for you.

Are you part of an established dental office that needs a tried and tested system to increase new patients?

Do you wish to get more patients online due to its lower cost and the old methods simply don’t work anymore?

Are you overwhelmed with marketing tasks and want to do things faster and more efficiently?

Did you just start an office or took over one and need to increase patients fast?

Are you doing digital marketing but you are not quite sure if your strategy is working?

Did you hire a company to manage your online marketing but not getting the results you want?


Ten to 20 years ago, dental practices only needed to do good work to succeed. But updated marketing techniques have emphasized the importance of a good location for your office, an attractive website, and effective signage. In today’s digital and social era, competition is fierce—and dental offices who use the right marketing techniques ultimately book the most patients.
“The clinics that utilize new marketing techniques will control the new patient flow.”

The good news is, individuals looking for a dentist still value quality work, friendliness, and patient care more than anything. So you simply need to use marketing technology to communicate these strengths. Once you understand the fundamental principles, it will be easy to thrive in the current climate.


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The Dental Marketing Course is the best investment you will make for your dental clinic. We teach you:

1. How to book new patients
2. How your reviews and reputation impact your practice
3. The critical factor in getting patients to book
4. Why 70% of your new patients are booking the dentist next door
5. Why your marketing is not working
6. How to book over 100 new patients a month
7. How innovative dentists use social media for business

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Sharky Liu is the founder and CEO of DentistFind, a results-driven dental marketing platform and marketing service that applies an analytical and data-based approach to increase new patient acquisition. DentistFind has successfully increased the number of dental office bookings for its clients by at least 40%. Sharky also founded the sold-out Dental Marketing Conference, an annual event featuring leaders in the dental marketing sector, and the Dental Marketing & Social Media Fundamentals course for the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto.


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Patient Motivation Model – Why and How Patients Book

Learn how to satisfy the 5 factors patients require before making a booking.


Reviews and Reputation Management

The digital era of trust – how to utilize and navigate reviews to attract new patients.


Art and Science of Dental Marketing

Why you are losing up to 70% of new patients. Reverse this trend by identifying broken links in the five links to new patient success.


The Dental Marketing Framework

Build an overall economic framework for maximizing new patients and minimizing acquisition cost.


Research-Based Online Marketing and Social Media

Real-life case studies and techniques from dental offices utilizing online marketing and social media.


New Technology of Dental Marketing

Systems and tools to attract more patients
How to easily automate the Track Analysing and Optimizing all your dental marketing.


Dental Marketing Course – 12 Modules (Starts in July 2024)

Full Day Seminar at University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry

Dental Marketing Basic & Social Media Video

Dental Marketing E-book

Dental Marketing Workbook

30-Point Website Optimization Website Evaluation

Dental Marketing and
Social Media Fundamentals
2024 Update

This event will take place in July 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

Secure your VIP spot! Pre-enroll today to get access to our
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Pre-enroll today to get access to our
early bird pricing

This event will take place in July 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

Apply these techniques within 365 days and double your new patient booking or 100% Money back.

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